When is it a good thing to be plagiarised?

[20/01/2016]When it’s by a journalist in a national newspaper, and your aim is to generate wider discussion.

This is from Richard Morrison’s review of the SBSO’s most recent London concert (in the Times):

For the showcase ensemble of a music-teaching system now emulated in 160 countries, the Simón Bolívar Orchestra of Venezuela has a disturbing gender imbalance. It’s a massive band — more than 100 players on stage for this Southbank Centre residency — yet has barely 20 women in its ranks, none of whom sits on the front string desks or plays a brass or percussion instrument. And this orchestra is touted as the future of classical music? The London orchestras were like this 50 years ago.

This is almost exactly what I wrote in the Guardian a year ago. Morrison has cited me more than once before, so I can forgive him for not mentioning his source this time round.