“Does elite music teaching leave pupils open to abuse?”

[20/2/15] After the sentencing of the famous early music conductor and performer Philip Pickett to 11 years in jail for sexual assaults on young women, the debate about abuse in specialist music education has reopened in the UK. At the forefront is the musicologist Ian Pace, who has been working and campaigning intensively on this issue for some time now. He has just published an article entitled “Does elite music teaching leave pupils open to abuse?” and another discussing the problem through the lens of the recent film Whiplash, set in the fictional New York Schaffer Conservatory, undoubtedly inspired by the Juilliard School. He has also put forward “Proposed Guidelines to protect both Music Teachers and Students – a starting point for discussion.” As Pace notes, this is not just a UK problem – it is found in many countries with strong traditions of classical music education. Venezuela is no exception, so these articles are well worth the attention of those interested in El Sistema.