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Things have been a bit slow on here, as I’ve been hunkered down since September writing my new book on social action through music. It’s getting there now, so watch this space…

We’ve also begun our 3-year international research project on the social impact of making music, based at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. I am a co-investigator on this project.

And I have another nice project cooking away in the background – sotto voce for now, but more on that later in 2020.

I have created a new section of this website called “El Sistema – KEY RESOURCES.” Please visit it here.

Most recent blog post: “The Mothers of Santa Rosa de Agua – or how El Sistema really works

Most recent academic article: “El Sistema, ‘The Venezuelan Musical Miracle’: The Construction of a Global Myth”


A complete archive of my English posts is now available at El Sistema blog

The Spanish posts are archived at El Sistema blog en español.

I have closed my other website, Future posts will only be available here.